"Reiki for me worked wonders. I was going through a rough patch, and had quit my job in order to pursue higher studies. I had already done my Masters in English and Mass Communication by then and had also written my statement of purpose to apply to universities abroad. But it kept sitting in my folder and I never really applied. After having quit my job, and going through that period of emotional crisis, not knowing what to do next, I happened to meet my Reiki Master Ushi. I learnt Reiki, which was an exhilarating experience and I got introduced to the life force energy which made me feel empowered like never before. I felt so light in my head as if the clutter vanished in thin air and ideas just glided in so smoothly as if there never was a block. But I knew there was, and Reiki helped clear the blockage. As soon as the mind was free of clutter and I could think straight, I opened my statement of purpose that had been conveniently put in one of the folders, winged it a little and applied to a couple of universities in UK. And I managed to get through University of London, Glasgow and Leicester. I chose University of London and that was the beginning of my journey to realise my dreams with the help of Reiki. I practiced Reiki diligently and sincerely and it really changed a lot around me because it changed how I perceived life. Like they say, As within So without, so if your mind and soul are in harmony, the world around would fall in place on its own! Reiki helped my mind be calmer and made compassion an integral part and practice of my life. So much so that I wanted to help a friend overcome addiction, and started giving distance healing with due permission, and within a few months, the healings along with the friend’s extreme will power worked, and there was no looking back. Reiki practice and Reiki healings have worked like magic for me ever since I got introduced to the miraculous life force energy. Ushi is a great inspirational figure and with her mentorship, Reiki has now become part of my daily life. I went to the course expecting nothing and I got so much."
"It seems that my relationship and home life has become much sweeter with more humor, respect, and honesty. Lately, I feel very very energetic. I am doing all kinds of exercise and expecting to be extra tired and then sore the next day but it doesn't happen! I'm sure the Reiki has allowed more energy to be available in my fields that was previously spent retaining resentments and guilt. big thank you!"
Julie 2020
"Thnx urvashi.. Very stressful situation at hme.. Ailing Mummy, clever mil, and a flamboyant DIL who doesn't understand our house culture yet, of simplicity and MILs politics!!! In betwn handling 4 maids.... It's a handful.😲😲 Still am doing fine... Am taking barely 1 duty a week. Just to stay in touch. I sleep stressed but get up fresh in morning. At 8.30 am.thnc to u. Almost stopped Ayurvedic medicines due to busy schedule. U r an angel...."
Lalima dang
"Took the Reiki Level I course from Ushi 5 months ago. Ushi is a knowledgeable, clear, and kind teacher. Her passion for Reiki is contagious and motivating. During the course, she taught us what Reiki is, the history of Reiki, and how to use Reiki on ourselves and others. We practiced the hand positions on ourselves which were very helpful once I got home and was working on myself. We also spend a lot of time working on each other-this was very helpful since there were many details to remember.
I use my Reiki every day even if it is just for 10 minutes. At times I struggle with anxiety and when I do, I use my Reiki and within 10-15 minutes I am feeling like myself again- more relaxed and centered. I am so thankful! It is exciting to know that Reiki is something that grows stronger with practice and time. I look forward to taking the Level II course with Ushi soon."
Fairfax, USA
"Took the Reiki Level I course from Ushi 5 months ago Saw amazing results with Reiki. I've had an ongoing problem with my left foot/ankle for a few years now due to an injury. I wouldn't be able to sit cross-legged on the floor without a lot of pain, let alone for a few hours. During my first class, I noticed I had no pain in my foot. I've continued doing on myself Reiki and have noticed my pain has subsided quite a bit. Overall, I am much calmer and feeling better."
"I am a trained healer and have been helping people for more than 20 years. I am also a Yoga teacher and have been practicing it for nearly 15 years. My strong belief is that our lives are shaped greatly by the thoughts we have and in addition, our thoughts will affect our body also.
I feel guided and lucky for meeting Master Ushi who helped me through a very difficult period in my life. She opened Reiki's world to me which changed the way I see things in my life. Her way of teaching and guiding is extremely deep and passionate. I've learned so much from her and trust her completely as my Reiki master and guide. I recommend her highly as she will be a life-changing force making your journey here more healthy and happy."
"Ushi is a great inspirational figure and with her mentorship, Reiki has now become part of my daily life. I went to the course expecting nothing and I got so much."
(Aranza, Reiki 1 course)
London, England
"It's been great incorporating the principles of Reiki into my daily life....Thanks for a patient and in depth course!"
(Jamie, Refresher Course)
London, England
"This practice has helped me through a very challenging situation in my life. I feel very grateful to have done the course."
(Alejandra, Reiki 1 course)
London, England
"I attended Ushi's 2-hour training for therapists at Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services in Los Angeles. Having received Reiki healings from Ushi personally, I was already familiar with her insight and approach. Ushi was able to convey the message and power of Reiki through both instructional and experiential methods. She took the time to personally research the issues affecting the population at the facility so that she could be prepared to address the therapists from an informed perspective. Ushi is knowledgeable empathic, intuitive and an amazing healer. I feel very lucky to have her as a mentor and friend."
Lindsay H. M.A, A.T.R.
California, USA



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