What is Spiritual Healing ?

Mantra for which is – Be Calm, Be Aware, and Be Natural. This enables you to declutter, to relax, and makes room to understand life, people & situations at deeper levels, understanding beyond five senses.
"Reiki for me worked wonders. I was going through a rough patch, and had quit my job in order to pursue higher studies. I had already done my Masters in English and Mass Communication by then and had also written my statement of purpose to apply to universities abroad. But it kept sitting in my folder and I never really applied. After having quit my job, and going through that period of emotional crisis, not knowing what to do next, I happened to meet my Reiki Master Ushi. I learnt Reiki, which was an exhilarating experience and I got introduced to the life force energy which made me feel empowered like never before. I felt so light in my head as if the clutter vanished in thin air and ideas just glided in so smoothly as if there never was a block. But I knew there was, and Reiki helped clear the blockage....Read More "

Why Spiritual Healing ?

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