It is a pleasure to introduce SANTOOLAN, an extension of Urvashi Puri

Santoolan, as the name suggests, is an effort to help each other strike a balance in our life. They say the world is a mirror reflecting everything we place in front of it. There’s so much value attached to possessions that unknowingly we have conditioned our brain to believe that happiness is a materialistic blueprint of acquisitions.
Unbelievable as it may sound, balance comes at zero cost yet it is most difficult to acquire for it requires immense courage of heart, discipline and ardent desire to see the proverbial rainbow at the end of the dark skies.

The potent force for change comes when we strike a balance at 3 levels:

Inner – Balance


Sleep, Exercise, Posture


Thoughts, Attitude, Response/Reaction


Feelings- Happy, Sad, Anger & Motivational

Balanced thinking involves Evaluating your thoughts and including the positive and the negatives – both of which are a part of our everyday lives.

4A’S to Inner Balance (Thought, Attitude, Emotion And Response)


to what you are feeling


reacting to the situation


why & what of 'the situation' and what is your ‘Role' in it.


prioritizing your day

At Santoolan, we will work through an holistic approach to bring you to a place of balance and handhold you in this journey of self discovery and inner joy. Each week we will invite an expert who will share their learning and experiences on one aspect of self improvement.
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