Man is made by his belief. As he believes,
so he is!
relax , be calm , be spiritual

A note from
Urvashi Puri...

My journey so far has been full of surprises, mystic revelations and divine interferences which have time and again reinforced my faith in the potential of a human being. I try to simplify my life each day through mindful awareness and strive to create value in the minutest tasks during the day. In times as unprecedented as these my role as a counselor has convinced me that resilience and compassion can help us cross the patchy waters with dignity.


Self esteem, fear of failures, being judged and future


Interpersonal conflicts, motivation and burnout


Health is a state not mere absence of disease


Sense of personal well-being physically, mentally, and socially


Help yourself to find your own passions and values

Empowering each one to take responsibility of their own happiness


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